At Havelock Physical Therapy, we believe people of all ages deserve to have timely access to great healthcare. You can come directly to our clinic without a doctor’s prescription. This is because Nebraska is a Direct Access state. You can utilize your insurance benefits for physical therapy services without needing to see a doctor first. Our therapists will assess your situation and work with your primary care provider to establish a plan of care when formal treatment is needed and will refer you to your physician if needed.

We’ve helped thousands of patients get back to pain-free living and achieve their physical therapy goals. If you’re experiencing these and other hindrances to daily life, it may be time to call a PT:

  • Are you afraid to go out with friends or family because you’re worried about the pain, knowing you’ll pay for it the next day?
  • Are you an athlete who wants to get back to the same or even improved level of performance you were at before injury?
  • Are you struggling with simple tasks around the house such as carrying groceries, doing dishes, reaching into a cupboard, carrying laundry up and down the stairs, or vacuuming the floors?
  • Do you feel you are missing out on playing with your kids/grandchildren because you can’t pick them up or stay active?
  • Have you had surgery and you’ve improved but haven’t quite gotten back to where you wanted to be?
  • Are you already an active person, but you simply want to improve your performance?


Get Help From a Physical Therapist

at Havelock Physical Therapy

This discussion is something that we offer to people who may have a recent injury or lingering pain, unsure what it is or what to do with it. Start by reaching out to us on the phone, through our contact form, or by stopping the clinic so that we can find out what is wrong and talk about what can be done. This discussion comes without financial risk or obligation.